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How We Utilize Immersive XR Technology

We believe that technology can touch humans in unexpected ways. Creating these connections has never been stronger than through the use of Augmented and Virtual Reality. We blend the physical and digital worlds to create a presence that allows for ideal scenarios to be engaged in. Real-world scenarios that may be too dangerous, costly or uncommon allow for the power of XR to shine.

We are an experienced team of artists, designers, and engineers that employ great new thinking within this space. We make technology and ideas come together in a seamless and engaging experience that can be measured for success.

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Augmented Reality Can Live on the Internet...

However designing a complete experience delivers better results.

Great Augmented Reality App design can account for a truly customized experience. Working with best practices that the best UI is the one that is out of your way and accommodating for image tracking, planar tracking or other triggers to launch useful and immersive experiences.

Metrics are available and helpful for understanding your user. Learn what content has created engagements and where they were. See how long they interacted with a model.

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Augmented Reality Aimed at Sharing the Details
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When a user-base has a need to explore and see more detail, but they don't have access to the real materials this is where AR shines. AR allows for a user to inspect in detail. Incorporating this into training and curriculums helps to create active learners. This spatial engagement is memorable, easy to download and interact with.

Augmented Reality works great for many scenarios that need large or expensive equipment available. Showing large equipment on a trade-show floor, or showing future prototypes working in action to create leads without showing anything you don't want to show.

We create AR apps that deliver an answer to your business goals. Ask us how we can take your vision to the next level of interaction. Take a look at the Cyanna AR app for A+ Certification.

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Augmented Reality for Online Courseware

Augmented Reality for Cyanna Online Courseware
AR allows for students to be more active learners
AR allows for Students that don’t have access to physical tools or the Lab to be active learners.

By adding a QRcode to existing on-line courses, Cyanna Education Services was able to implement an easy to use Augmented Reality system-wide approach. Students can download the app for their device, use the built-in QRcode reader allowing students to closely inspect motherboards, ram modules, and other IT-related items at scale. Students can now view these items right in front of them and look all around them.

In this case, graphics used online were rendered from the 3D models. It doesn't stop there. When creating models for AR we can make these usable for the next level of engagement—Virtual Realty! A 3D asset can be useful in many ways. We think of 3D models as a Visual Deep Data format. It can be connected and used in many ways.

We would love to talk to you about how we can leverage our technology and artistry to get your vision and ideas into Augmented Reality.

Optimized AR Models are fast to download in bundles allowing for multiple chapters or complete courses at a time.
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Virtual Reality That Makes a Difference

We Design and Craft Immersive Experiences.

Our experiences are created to move the needle. Whether your gauge is ROI, safety, training, or education—we get it done to meet and exceed the mark. Eloquent experiences that can create empathy, understanding and better retention. Spatial training allows for us to take advantage of cognitive memory. The ability to remember something as if you were there while allowing to relocate the experience in memory from the first-person point of view is very powerful and helps build knowledge through participation.

Kitchen Rendering with Heatmap Kitchen Rendering
Kitchen Rendering with Heatmap Kitchen Rendering

A Refined Systematic UI for Spatial Awareness in Virtual Reality.

We Utilize Experience based Concepts for User Interface & User Experience Design.

This allows for considerations of human behavior across a broad range of principles and best practices.

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User spatial awareness chart. User spatial awareness chart.
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